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The Intuitive Proportional Drive Head Array



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Unlike other head arrays, the Switch-It Dual Pro provides proportional drive using both proximity and pressure switches for the most reactive, precise driving experience.

  • Ideal for clients with significant motor limitations the use of both proximity and pressure switches makes the Dual Pro Head Array as intuitive as possible, allowing clients with conditions such as neuromuscular disease or spinal injuries to easily drive and manoeuvre their powerchair. Many other head arrays do not offer this feature and instead rely on combination switches. This can make it very difficult for the client to convey direction as they must hit the switches at right time in the right sequence, which is not easy.
  • Benefits of Proportional Drive - dual pro sensors react to proportional input ensuring an intuitive drive. Proximity sensors embedded in the foam perceive the head and space, and pressure sensors located behind the foam respond to force. Combining both of these sensors means that input range becomes more sensitive, offering precise control. This is vital for real life situations where the client may need to rapidly change direction, for example navigating through crowds.

  • Customised to the client's needs both the proximity that the client needs to be from the switch to activate it and the amount of force required to get the powerchair to full speed can easily be adjusted based on the user's individual requirements. Also each switch can be programmed individually, which is beneficial when a client has a discrepancy in the control or strength of their head in one direction or another.

  • Sizes to suit all ages available in four configurations, choose from Paediatric with Facial Pads (DP-P), Adult with Facial Pads (DPA), Paediatric with Hinged Pads (DP-3-P) or Adult with Hinged Pads (DP-3-A).

  • Proportional Drive can be switched off for beginners the Dual Pro can easily be programmed to function as a non-proportional head array for those just learning the basics of driving a powerchair. As the client progresses, the proportional functions can be easily activated.

  • Easy to programme the speeds, acceleration, and deceleration can be programmed long with the powerchair’s electronics to allow for customised programming and efficient driving. For safety and security purposes, accessing the on-board programming requires a specific key sequence.

  • Compatible with powerchair electronics the Dual Pro head array works on all R-Net, Curtis, and DX powered wheelchair electronics.

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