Nikola Goncin


Nikola Goncin
"My teammates are my brothers. We are there for each other - on the court and off."


Shortly after his amputation, Nik was participating in his regular gym class when it coincided with a wheelchair basketball demonstration. "The coach approached me about trying out the wheelchairs, asked about my story and whether I would be interested in trying it out for real. I was a bit reluctant at first. However, I can confidently say that I can count on one hand the number of Thursdays that I've missed since then- I immediately fell in love with the sport".

"My passion lies in sport. I've always found an outlet for my energy and for the last decade that has been wheelchair basketball. My teammates are my brothers. We are there for each other - on the court and off."

With more tournaments upcoming, Nikola has many more challenges ahead of him: "The sport has opened many doors in my life. It's put me through university and other countless opportunities. It's given me direction in my life when there wasn't any. It's shaped my life and bestowed the honour upon me of wearing a maple leaf on my chest - something few others ever get to experience in their life. I am extremely grateful for everything basketball has done for me, on and off the court. Its funny how life works, for every door that closes three others open in its wake".



Nikola Goncin's story began when his parents immigrated to Canada in 1994 as refugees from Yugoslavia. "My family and I started in Canada with practically nothing. I had a great childhood though and I have to thank my parents for that. I hope that I'm never in the same situation as my parents were, running away from a war-torn country, but If I have even a quarter of the ambition and passion of my father then I would check that off as a success". It was at the age of 15 when Nikola was diagnosed with bone cancer. "I was an able-bodied basketball player at the time and after a hard-jump spot, I had to sit out due to an exceptional pain I was experiencing in my leg". The seriousness of his condition escalated fast and towards the end of the year, Nikola needed to have his leg amputated.

"I regard my RGK Elite X as the best there is out there for basketball."
Mi silla de ruedas deportiva
"My RGK Elite is probably the lightest wheelchair on the market for what I need - and it achieves it without compromising on the rigidity and strength of the wheelchair. I love how it feels and how quickly it responds to even the slightest movement of your body. In my sport, the wheelchair is one thing you can control - and RGK makes a very reputable product."
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Mi silla de ruedas diaria
"I love how my QUICKIE Q7 (Helium) looks, how it handles and above all - how lightweight it is. It's extremely easy to bring along to games, pack away for transportation and maneuver."

Road to Glory

Lima 2019 Parapan American Games

2nd place

Wałbrzych President Cup Tournament in Poland

3rd place

Mitsubishi Electric World Challenge Cup in Tokyo

3rd place

World Wheelchair Basketball Championships

12th place

Americas Cup in Cali Colombia

2nd place

Paralympic Games (Rio)
Parapan American Games (Toronto)
Silver Medal
World Championships
Under 23 - 6th Place
World Championships
Under 23 - 8th Place

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